XenonDepot HID Install – 2016 Dodge Ram

2016 RAM 1500 Headlight and Fog Light HID Kit Instructions

How-To Install a XenonDepot HID Kit on a 2016 Ram 1500 truck

The 2016 Dodge Ram 1500 comes with 60W 9005 halogen bulbs in the low-beam projectors, and 51W 9006 halogen bulbs in the fog lights. In order to upgrade both applications to HID, a XenonDepot 9005 HID kit was used in the low beams (with the optional “2015 MOPAR UPGRADE”), and a 9006 XenonDepot HID kit with the XenonDepot “RFIX” was used for the fog lights. In both cases a 5000k HID kit was selected for a pure white output – no yellow.

Here is a picture of our test subject – a brand-new 2016 Ram 1500 with the black edition package – what a beauty.

This picture shows just how nice of a cutoff the 2016 RAM projector headlamps provide – making them a very good candidate for an HID kit. There is a slight amount of light bleed to illuminate overhead signs; as is the case with any sort of halogen headlight (projector or not).

We first tackled the passenger side fog light. In order to access the stock 9006 fog light bulb, we needed to remove the inner fender liner on the 16 Ram. There is also a handy little access panel within the fender liner to allow limited access to the back of the headlight. Luckily, on the 2016 Ram 1500 removing the inner fender liner is “easily” done by carefully popping out the reusable plastic clips shown below:

We then removed the black foam engine cover by popping up the reusable clips as well – just take your time

Once you’ve removed the inner fender liner, we had access to the back of the fog light housing, which is where you will see the factory 9006 halogen bulb. In order to remove the bulb, you would need to twist it a quarter turn counter clockwise, and it will pop out; Once the bulb is out of the housing you can unplug it from the Ram’s factory fog light harness.

As a first attempt, we tried to get “lucky” by bypassing the use of an HID kit relay harness. or any sort of load resistors; and use a “Warning Canceller” – as seen below. Needless to say, this did not work. The fog light turned on, but literally after 30 seconds (or less) the Ram’s electrical system triggered a fault and the light shut off. If you’ve got a 2016 Ram (or 2015), and someone is telling you that a “warning canceller” is all you need when upgrading the fog lights to HID – be very very weary. You’re going to spend a lot of time installing a product that will not work (This is the case with 2013+ Ram vehicles)

Here is a picture of the factory 9006-halogen bulb that is installed in the 2016 Ram fog lights. You’ll notice that it’s a 9006-12V/51W halogen bub (we were quite surprised at the 51W).

In order to get the 9006 HID kit to work properly on the 2016 RAM 1500 fogs, and not have any flickering or computer related problems we had to use the supplied wire harness that comes with the 9006 Xtreme HID kit. XenonDepot’s harness is unique, in a sense that you get 2 completely independent relay harnesses. Each side gets it’s own waterproof fuse, relay (Sealed in an epoxy filled casing), ground, and 12V connection; You don’t get one harness to power both sides. It may be a little more wiring, but we prefer to have two separate harnesses should anything ever fail; you’re not going to find yourself in a position that both fogs or headlights go out if something does fail. Other HID kits often use a single relay harness to power both sides, so you’re literally going to be without headlights if the harness fails…

Here is where we chose to ground the passenger side fog light harness. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of places to choose from, so we decided to drill our own hole for the ground – to bare metal of course. It’s hard to see from the picture, but the ground location is right behind the front bumper:

In this picture, you’ll see how we connected the 12V lead to the battery. The 2016 Ram comes with a nice distribution block on the battery, but we decided to use the readily available 12V lead – -the ring terminal on the relay harness fit perfectly; You’ll also see the waterproof fuse holder that comes with the harness.

Everything is moisture proof – right down to the grommets on the connections that plug into the OE harness (You’ll also see the load resistor we used for the fog lights in the background):

In this picture, we’ve basically laid out the kit for you to show how everything gets connected. Here is a list of the connections that you’re going to need to make:

  • (1) 12V connection to positive on the battery terminal
  • (2) Ground connection to the body of the vehicle (no paint)
  • (3) 9006 connector that plugs into the 2016 Ram factory fog light harness
  • (4) Connection from the relay harness to the ballast
  • (5) Connect the resistor in between the factory fog light harness and relay
  • (6) Connect the bulbs to the ballast (not done in this picture)

Here is a picture of the 9006 connector plugging into the 2016 Ram factory fog light harness with a proper 9006 connector – no splicing or cutting:

In both the passenger side and driver’s side HID kit fog light installation we chose to create our own ground locations. The nice thing is that we were able to use the same ground for both the fog light, and HID headlight upgrade on the Ram. Wiring is identical between both sides; You HAVE to use a load resistor when upgrading the fog lights on the 2016 Ram to HID with an HID kit. There is no way around this.


Time to start talking about the HID kit headlight upgrade. Unfortunately, you have to remove the grill in order to remove the headlight – which has to be done (even to just replace the stock halogen bulb). Unless you have the world’s smallest hands, and are somehow able to squeeze your hands back there, there is no way that you’re getting access to the back of the headlight bulb without removing the headlight (and grille by default). This RAM was brand-new, so we chose to tape up the front bumper before removing the grill (just in case…).

There are 4 bolts and two clips holding the front grill in place. The bolts simply screw off, but the clips need to be popped out – be very careful, as they will break easily. You gently need to pull on the grill away from the truck (after the bolts have been removed), and the clips should come out without breaking (hopefully).

This picture shows us pointing to where the clip is that secures the grille into place. Once again, there will be one on each side of the grill (at the same spot on both sides):

Here is a picture of the grille with the clip “popped out”:

Here is a picture of where the grill clips into the vehicle:

In order to remove the 2016 Ram headlight, you need to remove bolts, but there is also a clip on the back of the headlight that you can easily access by sticking your hand into the access panel in the inner fender liner.

Here is a picture of the clip that needs to be pushed in order to remove the headlight. The picture was taken from behind the headlight after the inner fender liner was removed:

Here is a picture of the clip with the headlight removed:

The 2016 RAM headlight is being held upside down in this picture, but you can see the socket on the headlight that the clip behind the headlight locks into the place:

Here is another picture of where the above-mentioned socket plugs into on the vehicle. Once it plugs in, the clip behind the headlight locks it into place.

Here is a picture of the back of the 2016 Ram headlight. This picture shows that the 2016 RAM uses a 9005-halogen bulb for the headlights (as mentioned above). To upgrade the headlights to HID, you need to use a 9005 HID kit, along with the “2015+ Mopar HID kit option.”

Here is a picture of the back of the headlight, with the dust cover removed:

Here is a picture of the 9005 HID bulb securely installed into the low beam socket, and the 9005 HID kit connector plugged into the 2016 Ram headlight harness:

Just for fun, we decided to check and see what voltage we get from the headlight harness with the truck running:

With the HID bulb securely in place (just like the stock bulb), we now had to close up the back of the headlight with the factory dust cover. An HID bulb has two wires that go from the bulb to the ballast, and two wires that go from the relay harness to the factory headlight harness. This means that you cannot reinstall the factory dustcover without drilling a 1” hole into it to accommodate the wires. However, XenonDepot Hid kits come with a grommet that allow you to reseal the housing so that it’s watertight:

Take a look at the picture below that shows exactly how we’ve wired everything up on the headlights. You’ll notice that the resistors used for the headlights are different from the fog lights, and you’ll notice that there is an additional component required to filter out the PWM signal and prevent the relay from chattering. A word of caution, you have to use these components when upgrading the headlights on the 2016 RAM, or the lights will spontaneously shut off. You’ll think that everything is working, and about 25 minutes into your drive the headlights will shut off without any warning (and there won’t be any warnings on your dash). If you google “15 Ram HID kit” or “16 Ram HID flicker” or “16 Ram HID kit error” you’ll see what we’re getting at. The vehicle is notorious for error codes – luckily XenonDepot has a solution that WORKS.

This picture shows the beam patterns that both the headlights produce, along with the beam pattern that the fog lights produce in a 2016 Ram 1500 (stock halogen bulbs installed):

Here is the after shot (both the headlights and fog lights successfully upgraded with a 5000k HID kit:

You’ll notice from the before and after pictures shown above that the HID bulbs will literally replicate the OEM beam pattern; HID bulbs are laser-aligned to ensure optically correct beam patterns.

This is the picture that you guys have been waiting for. It was taken with the truck running after about 35 minutes of use (with the headlights on) – Yes, it was taken out for a nice long drive. You will notice that there are NO stored messages, or lamp out indications on the dash:

Source: http://www.xenondepot.com/2016-ram-1500-hid-kit-installation-s/66.htm

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