Top 5 Aftermarket Parts for Sonata

There are literally thousands of aftermarket accessories for Hyundai Sonatas, so I decided to break this down by function and give you the #1 Aftermarket Modification in each of the following categories:

  • Performance
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Wheels & Tires
  • Suspension

The performance category is described as modification that will enhance the power or efficiency of the Sonata.  When most people think performance, they usually think Horsepower.  While horsepower is good and all, when you have a car with 184hp (2.4L engine), it’s pretty likely that you won’t notice a little 5-10 HP gain, but one thing you will notice is extra mileage and decreased spending on replacement air filters.  That’s why my #1 Modification for the Hyundai Sonata is an Air-Intake/Replacement filter element.

The next category I tackled is the exterior category.  This category is everything that would cover everything that could possibly go on the outside of your car (excluding wheels).  Some of the items this category could include are; headlights, spoilers, bike racks, car covers, and decals.  In this category, based on the number of e-commerce ratings, reviews, and results, I identified HID Lights as the most common exterior modification that you should do.  HID Lights are one of those easy to install items that really change the look and performance of your car.  Changing from the dull yellow light to a crisp 6000k HID kit, not only does it freshen up the look of your vehicle, it actually improves your night time driving experience, by projecting 3x the amount of light onto the road as stock halogen lights.

For the interior category, this is obviously everything inside of the cab, but also in the trunk.  For this category, I recommend something that I have in EVERY car I have ever owned and truly believe preserves the value of the car while you own it, Floor Mats (and one for the trunk).  I really like floor mats for a few reasons:

  • Floor Mats are easy to put in and take out
  • They keep the floor of your Sonata nice and clean (better for when you are ready to sell)
  •  And for less than $20 you could get a full set.  For that price, you could replace them one per year!

If you have Amazon Prime, you need to buy these now!

Now, for Wheels and Tires…. Well, Wheels and Tires shouldn’t stand alone, because I believe that you shouldn’t do wheels and tires on the Sonata unless you are willing to do a suspension kit.  The car just sits too high from the factory and you get the clean/sporty look you want unless you do a mild to moderate drop.  For this reason, I combined two categories, wheels & tires and suspension.  This is a more bias section because I’m just going to show a few of the best looking Sonatas that I have seen and what wheel/tire/suspension combination the have…unless I couldn’t find the suspension kit.  In that case, I’d go with Megan Racing Springs.  These have a 1” drop F/R compared to others like H&R which have a 1.5” F and 1.8” R drop.  I don’t want my car slammed… I just want it to have a slight gap between the top of the tire and the bottom of the fender.

Let me know what you think of my recommendations in the comments below!

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