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Retrofit Source HID kit review –

Vehicle: 2012 Lexus CT200h
HID Kit: H11: Morimoto Elite HID System

Rating: 94 points

Kit includes:

2 – Morimoto 5Five Ballasts
1 – Pair of Morimoto H11 bulbs
1 – Stand alone Canbus (Anti-Flicker kit / Capacitors)
2 – Decals

Retrofit Source Review: My first thought was that the quality of the kit was outstanding.  You only have one chance for a first impression and just looking at the kit gave me the confidence to install this kit on the Lexus CT200h.  There was no instructions in the box, but I’m assuming that it’s because it was a promotional kit… Hopefully, kits that are ordered will come with installation instructions.

We had not done a Lexus CT200H HID install in the past, so the fact that everything was accessible from the top was a pleasant surprise.

Special thanks to Industrial Motoring in Anaheim, CA for the install space!

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Remove factory valance
Remove factory valance
Remove the pop-clips from the valance
Lexus ct200h valance removed


Remove Factory H11 Halogen bulb
Lexus ct200h headlight bulb


H11 Halogen vs. HID bulb
Factory ct200h H11 headlight plug connects to the ballast
Ballast Connected
Canbus / Anti-Flicker kit / Capacitors


Connect the Ballast to the HID Bulb
Connect the Canbus to the HID Ballast
Mounting the Morimoto Ballast with double sided 3M tape
Passenger Side ballast mounted on the coolant overflow


One thought on “The Retrofit Source Review

  • January 8, 2015 at 2:35 am

    I have a 2015 Chevy Tahoe and I’m have a hard time finding the correct HID foglights for my vehicle. Someone tried to change them out and I was told H11 is the correct setup but the clips are different. Can you plea see e let me know if anyone has gotten they’re factory foglights changed out to HID foglights yet.



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