The Retrofit Source Review (part 2) | Scion TC HID Install

HID kit review and Scion TC HID Install

Vehicle: 2014 Scion TC
HID Kit: H11: Morimoto Elite HID System (NEW)

Rating: 95 points

Kit includes:

2 – Morimoto 3Five Ballasts
1 – Pair of Morimoto XB35 H11 bulbs (6000k)
1 – Canbus Relay Harness
2 – Decals

So, what’s new and exciting about this Morimoto Elite System, compared to the kit we reviewed in 2013, well everything really…

They have igniters that are about 2x as strong as before, so the warm up time is near instant now, are very reliable, and the digital circuitry is very efficient, EMI friendly too.

HARNESS: Our canbus harnesses, same simple design, but all new aluminum shell for better heat dissipation:
Morimoto H8/H9/H11 HD Relay Harness (Low Beam)

BULBS: And then we released our new lineup of XB35 bulbs, which you can see here, they’re unlike anything else on the market, extremely high quality.
H11 4500K Morimoto XB HID Xenon Bulbs (Pair)

Again, my first thought was that the quality of the kit was outstanding.  In fact, it’s been the best I have seen so far…  You only have one chance for a first impression and just looking at the kit gave me the confidence to install this kit on this brand new Scion TC.  There was no instructions in the box, but I’m assuming that it’s because it was a promotional kit… Hopefully, kits that are ordered will come with some sort of installation instructions.

We had not done a Scion TC HID install in the past, so the fact that everything was accessible from the top was a pleasant surprise.


Tools Needed:

10mm Socket – for battery terminal and fender bolt to ground the harness
12mm Socket – for battery terminal
Sheet Metal Screws & Drill – to mount the ballasts
Zip Ties – to hold the wires in place

Scion TC HID Installation Instructions: 

For starters, here is everything you need to know about installing HIDs into almost any car!  Power flows in a circuit and if any part of that circuit is disrupted, the power will not flow and the lights will not turn on.  See below for how the wires will connect with you go to install the HIDs in the Scion.


Example of the Factory halogen lights before the HID install



Step 1: Remove the factory bulb from the housing and unplug the factory plug.  The factory plug will provide the power to the HID ballast



Step 2: Insert the HID bulb into the factory housing



Step 3: Connect the factory plug (power) to the wire lead that is provided with the HID bulb.  NOTE: Red = Power and Black = Ground on the HID plug.  On the factory plug, Black = Power and White (yellowish) = Ground



Step 4: Connect the (2) plugs that come out of the HID bulb to the appropriate wires that come off the ballast



Step 5: Connect the female end of the Power wire directly into the ballast.



Step 6: Test the lights before moving on to the passenger side.  If the lights don’t turn on initially, check that all the plugs are connected properly.  Turn the lights back off and try flipping the plug around that goes into the ballast.  For more common HID problems and fixes, click HERE for HID frequently asked questions



Now, where to mount the HID ballasts:

In most of my installs, I use double sided 3m tape or zip ties.  In this Scion HID install, I went ahead and bolted the ballasts into place because there wasn’t a flat surface for tape or holes that I could use for zip ties.  Take a look at the mounting locations I used:

ballast mounted on driver side ballast mounted on passenger side


and that’s it… You have done your very own Scion  TC HID install!!  You should be proud…so proud that you send us a picture, leave it in the comments, or post it on our Facebook wall!

4 thoughts on “The Retrofit Source Review (part 2) | Scion TC HID Install

  • May 4, 2014 at 1:07 pm

    Wow! Great install instructions. I reposted your video on my blog. I will be following you posts from now on.



  • September 6, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    I installed this same kit on my 2011 Toyota Venza a few months ago (except it was 5000k). It is, as you state, an excellent kit and it did come with very thorough installation instructions. I am curious as to why you gave it only a 95, instead of a 100? Other than the comment about no instructions, I saw no other comments that were even remotely negative.

  • May 29, 2015 at 3:55 am

    How did you safely secure the kit in the hood?

    • June 4, 2015 at 3:24 pm

      The kit comes with ballast brackets and mounting hardware. On the pass. side, I used a sheet metal screw to secure the bracket and on the driver side, I used a zip tie because space was limited.


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