Ford Raptor HID Install

Update: Within weeks of install 1 ballast and 1 bulb failed.  

Ford Raptor HID Install

and review from House of HID

Step by Step – Ford Raptor Installation Guide with Photos.  We custom build high performance headlights for 2009+ Ford F150’s. We combine years of experiance in headlight retrofits with outstanding customer service to produce the highest quality HID headlights on the market. These are not the cheap HID headlights you will find on ebay, all of our custom built headlights are hand tuned for optimum performance.

1. The first step in removing the factory headlights was to use a Philips screwdriver to remove the trim flap and then remove the two 10mm bolts on top of the radiator core support that secured the light. A firm tug was then all it took to pop the light free. Next the factory harness was unplugged and the old turn signal bulbs were removed.

remove bulb from the housing

2. The HID kit included many genuine Ford parts and high-end lighting components. The kit was complete and well-packaged.

connect hid bulb to harness

3. This step was a huge time saver, and well worth the money. literally made it a plug-and-play setup by ensuring the factory halogen headlight wiring harness plugged directly into the ballast wiring. This Ford Raptor Hid install was a piece of cake.

where to mount hid ballast

power, ground, bulb

h13 hid harness wiring

4. Using an existing bolt, the ballast was secured to the front of the core support.

do not use driver side plug

red power wire to battery

power the hid lights

ford raptor headlight adjustment

5. If you’re wondering why your cheap Chinese HIDs keep going out or flickering, one reason is lack of power. The HouseofHID guys figured this out and require you to supply the ballast with its own stand-alone power and ground. This guarantees the lights will come on every time with no flickering. Here we removed some paint on the lower support brace under the headlights and used a self-tapper for a ground.

thank you house of hid

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