Lotus Exige HID Lights

Installing HID lights for this 06+ Lotus Exige was fairly easy, as everything was very accessible from inside the fender well.  It only took a few bolts to have complete access to the headlight housing and ultimately the bulbs.  You will want to get it up on a lift so you aren’t crawling around on the floor.  This is a small call, which means clearance is tight, no matter where you are on the car.

Also, there is some minor drilling required, but no cutting or body panel adjustments required.

The Lotus Exige Factory headlight bulb (low beam) is H7

Order an H7 HID Kit here for your Lotus

Here are some pictures from the install:

yellow lotus exige with hids at night lotus exige yellow socal yellow lotus exige with hid lights lotus exige side shot headlights lotus exige with hid lights lotus exige before hids and after hids lotus exige heaadlight housing lotus exige headlight removal

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