H4 / 9003 HID Kit Installation Instructions

In this article we will outline the best 9003 HID kit installation instructions and show you a before and after shot of the headlights.  H4 is the same bulb as the 9003, so don’t be confused if you see an H4 on a new headlight bulb package or HID kit.

Let’s start from the reason why we are going to spend next half hour of installation:

No comments required.

We will start installation from opening the hood in the sunny day and looking at the back of your headlight:

unplug the connector by pushing it back:

do the same with rubber coating on the back of the headlight:

take out the halogen bulb:

just to compare the halogen bulb and the new HID bulb (H4):

Now in order to install the HID bulb to the housing it will be easier to put the bulb into the headlight assembly:

then we put the bulb into the headlight assembly, and lock it (this time it may not be very easy to get there, depends on the arrangement of the components under the hood):

here how it looks like from the outside:

Now we have the bulbs installed on the both sides and proceed installing the Ballasts – device that makes the HID bulb light up:

2 wires connect bulb to the Ballast and there is a 1 way connection to each wire that makes no chance to wire it other way.

After connecting the Ballast to the bulb we need to hook up the beam selection wire and the Ballast to the Relay harness.

Here is the wiring on the ground:

and here is our senior assistant Mike:

Hooking up the Ballast – you can also do it 1 way. Just make sure sure the Red wire goes to “+” positive socket

Here is the connected to wiring harness Ballast and the beam selection wire:

Make sure to ground the relay harness from each side, there are 2 black wires with the ring to go under the grounding bolt:

These bolts may be located in random place around each headlights, just check for them.

Connect the relay harness to the battery (the Red wire with the Fuse):

Connecting the Male type connector to the female socket in your car (that was connected to halogen bulb before) from only 1 side:

Carefully tighten all the wiring that may hang, to prevent any possibility of wire coating damage:

Fix the ballasts using the 3M tape included in the package:

Now it is time to go through all the wiring and check connections:

– Bulb is connected the the ballast with 2 wires
– Bulb (high and low beam) is connected the the relay harness with 1 wire
– Ballast is connected the the Relay harness
– Relay harness has a grounding on each side, it is really important to ground the kit properly on both sides
– Relay harness is hooked up to the Positive connection of Battery with the Red wire
– Relay harness is connected to the car female socket that used to go to the bulb (3 wires connector)

Now that we checked everything it is high time to turn on the upgraded headlights:

source: http://forum.carid.com/showthread.php?36-HID-Kit-installation

Recommended H4 HID kit

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3 thoughts on “H4 / 9003 HID Kit Installation Instructions

  • April 30, 2015 at 6:52 pm

    I connected my 04 odyssey this way and it does not come on can you please help why that is the case is it polairty issue

    • April 30, 2015 at 10:41 pm

      It could be a polarity issue. Remove the plug from the ballast, flip it over, and plug it back in. If that doesn’t take care of it, check the ground wires.

  • May 1, 2015 at 2:01 pm

    I was think the same thing that you said and checked all my ground wires and that was the problem not the polarity. Thanks a lot…


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