Does My Car Have Factory HID Lights?

Does Your Car Have Factory HID Lights

Does your car have factory HID lights?  Many new cars do include HID lights in their lighting technology. If consumers want to know if their cars do include HID lights they can always check with a car salesman, check the manufacturer’s manual or stop by the dealership. It is important to know whether or not a car has HID lights because there are certain states that regulate HID lighting on cars. This is always an important factor to consider whether buying a car or choosing to add HID lights to any car.

Quick Tip: If your car has factory HID lights, you will probably see a projector in the headlight housing (looks like an eye ball)


Check local state law regarding HID lights or any form of lighting that is required on the roadways. One does not need to be ticketed or face penalties for having the wrong kind of lighting on the road. If consumers are in the clear when it comes to HID lighting it is always a good idea to consider the best quality lights out there when it comes road safety. HID lights are the brightest lights that are available, and they are safe to use on the road. Many car owners are forced to use their fog their lights because they normal lights are far too dim. This places many people at risk because they are blinded by fog lights, which can cause accidents. HID lights, however, will not blind other drivers, and it will provide a safe way for drivers to see where they are going. It is always best to invest in quality lights, and for those consumers who are not satisfied with the kinds of regular lights that are available in stores then HID lights are a great alternative in providing road safety while adding a sense of style to any car. HID lights will also expand peripheral vision should an object or animal come to block the road. This will provide extra safety and security when drivers are on isolated roads.

HID lights come in a variety of colors and will be able to add style and visibility to any car. Drag racers and those who love to upgrade their vehicles will like HID lights because of the stylish lighting it offers at in many different colors. Young people will especially come to love HID lights on their cars because they are sleeker, and they look more modern on any vehicle. Those looking to do upgrade their old or clunker cars will also come to like HID light because the will make any car look modern and new. Many SUVS do contain HID lights because of their safety and reliability. HID lights rely on ionized gas, which ignites when two electrodes charge the gas. As long as the gas is in the bulb itself, these bulbs will last a very long time. This is great for car owners because it will mean money that is saved in the long-run by not having to get lights every few years due to a burnt out bulb. HID lights are a great investment because they will provide extra safety, and they look more stylish while lasting longer.

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