Alaska (AK) Headlight Law

HID Headlights Alaska… Is it illegal to covert your headlights to HID in the state of Alaska? Do I need special headlight housings?

Headlight laws vary from state to state. Under federal regulations only department of transport (DOT) approved headlights are allowed in motor vehicles, however it’s the states that enforce these regulations, and the state of Alaska has their own headlight laws.  If you don’t want to stand out, we suggest using whiter tones when ordering HID lights; such as 4,300K or 6,000K kits.  Not only is this the most true light (compared to sunlight), but 4300k-6000k is the least likely light to get you in trouble with the law, or with other drivers on the road.

State Headlight Laws in Alaska
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Unpredictable weather conditions in Alaska can make driving hazardous both day and night and is a contributing factor in many accidents.  Adequate visibility is a must driving in Alaska’s vast wilderness and our HID kits can provide more than enough light for you to travel safely on Alaskan roadways.  Our kits are plug and play, which means they install easily into your existing car’s wiring harness and headlight housing. We offer free shipping nationwide and our products are backed up by a three year warranty and a friendly customer service team.

Alaska State Law:

Motorists in Alaska must drive with headlights on where a roadway is posted to do so.
13 AAC 04.010. When lights are required
(a) Every vehicle traveling on a highway or other vehicular way or area within the state must illuminate lights
(b) (1) between one half hour after sunset and one half hour before sunrise; or
(c) (2) at any other time when, because of insufficient light or other atmospheric conditions, persons or vehicles on the highway are not clearly discernible at a distance of 1000 feet.
(d) (b) Stop lights, turn signals, and other signaling devices must be illuminated as required by this chapter.
(e) (c) Every vehicle traveling on a highway or vehicular way or area must illuminate lights when traveling on any roadway that is posted with signs requiring the use of headlights.
(f) (d) For the purposes of (c) of this section, lights include low intensity headlights and daytime running lamp devices that meet the standards in 49 C.F.R. 571 (revised as of August 29, 1996), if the headlights are not otherwise required under (a)(1) or (2) of this section.


Alaska DMV

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