READ ME: Before Buying HIDs

Buy HIDs Online, but read this first

Good thing you found this post.  Most people just search for “Your Car + HID lights” online and choose the cheapest product.  But, you’re smart… you actually care about your car as an investment and want to make sure it’s not going to catch on fire, or some other disaster.

You’re probably looking for hids because you heard they were super bright, but there are other things you need to know first.

When shopping for HIDs online, you need to look for these key things:

  1. Is the ballast an AC ballast?  If not stay away… (the other ballast type is DC)
  2. Is the kit Plug and Play?  For the most part, this is what you want.  There are more and more cars these days that require some minor modifications (i.e. drilling a hole in the bust cap, removal of electrical terminals, or the addition of special wiring)
  3. Is the warranty more than 1 year?  Realistically, the more years the better, since if anything ever happens to the kit, you should be able to get replacement parts. (NOTE: Our warranty is for 3 years.)
  4. Does the kit come with vehicle specific Install instructions?  Generic installation instructions are for the birds.  NO one wants to see the same instruction for EVERY car… we all know every car is different.  (Don’t forget, all the kits on our site have vehicle specific install instructions, most have a video)
  5. Does the company have a good reputation online?  Look for reviews on the HID kit you are looking into purchasing.  You can find review on Amazon, Google, and HIDLightReviews
  6. What color/temp/kelvin is best for your vehicle?  If you look through our products, you’ll notice that we only sell 3 colors of HID light, 4300k (closest to OEM), 6000k (pure white – great performance), and 8000k (slight hue of blue – looks awesome – good performance).  Here is a chart that out lines the range of HID colors:
hid color chart
This is a good start to your HID journey.  If you find a company that offers all these attributes, you could rest assured that you’re in good hands.
If you want to know more about the difference between HIDs and Halogen lights, click the image below. Also, if you’re interested in ordering HIDs from us, feel free to check out this shop (CLICK HERE)
HIDs vs Halogen headlights


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