How We Rate HID Lights

So, the question is, How do you rate the HID kits you get?  We have thought about doing this post for some time now, but found this to be the perfect opportunity!

Our HID Headlight Rating System is based on several components, all of which play into the over all user experience.  Also note, that ratings can change based on circumstance.  You will see our 6 month review rating below… if there have been issues within the first six months of having the lights installed, that will effect your score.  Other examples will be noted below:

headlight reviews

Rating Scale: From 1 – 10 with a Max total of 100 points per kit:

First Impression

  • How the box arrives
  • How the HID kit is packaged
  • The packaging of the HID kit
  • The look and feel of components upon first opening the box

Kit Inclusions

  • Major Components (Bulbs, Ballasts, Wiring)
  • Mounting hardware (Brackets, Zip Ties, Double Sided Tape)
  • Instructions

Quality of Parts (based on feel and look)

HID Installation Instructions

  • Clarity of Instructions
  • Pictures included
  • Vehicle specific instructions

Quality of Light compared to Kelvin Scale

  • Based on ….. Kelvin Scale

6 Month Evaluation

  •  Points will be deducted if there are any issues within the first 6 months

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