Things you didn’t know about HID Lighting

Just a few quick tips from out friends at Osram-Sylvania

– Standard low beams cease to provide enough visibility when driving above 35 to 40
mph. The best case scenario would be for all drivers to use high beams all the time
and use technology to keep the light out of oncoming drivers’ eyes.

– All headlamps produce glare that can reduce the ability for oncoming
drivers to see.

– According to the AAA Foundation’s report, Countermeasures for Reducing the
Effects of Headlight Glare (2002), as many as 50 percent of all headlamps on
the road, or 110 million vehicles, may be misaimed. Shock, vibration and wear
and tear are the greatest contributors to headlamp misalignment.

– Poorly manufactured, knock-off products can cause glare and imitate the blue
hue associated with fully-compliant, street-legal HID products.

– When headlamps are aimed properly, there is no difference in the amount of
light that reaches the eyes of oncoming drivers whether the vehicle has halogen
or HID light sources.

– All drivers are not equal. Glare affects each person differently, often depending
on age.

– OSRAM is the only company worldwide manufacturing a complete mercury-free
HID system solution, comprised of the light source and necessary electronics
to optimally operate it. The OSRAM system allows customers to streamline the
development and approval process for mercury-free systems.


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