Delaware (DE) Headlight Law

First off, If you have received an HID light ticket in Delaware, leave a comment below… I want to know!

Second, the question still comes up, Are HID lights legal or Illegal in Delaware?

Disclaimer: I am not a legal professional, lawyer, state trooper, or anyone else that might take legal responsibility if this is proven inaccurate! I am simply posting about the laws specific to the Delaware vehicle code in regards to headlamps. HID Laws vary from state to state and this post does not imply that HID Laws in one state will reflect the Headlight Laws in another state.

The moral of the story is; “Other Lights and Original Design Change No light, lamp or reflector that tends to change the original design or performance of the vehicle may be installed.”

hid xenon headlight ticket

To locate a dealer or installer of HID Headlights in Delaware, click here.  If you want to convert to HID / Xenon and you want to know if it’s legal to do so in the state of Delaware, you’re in the right place.

Headlight laws vary from state to state. Under federal regulations only department of transport approved headlights are allowed, however it’s the states that enforce these regulations and they have their own headlight laws. We suggest using choosing the whiter tones such as the 4,300K or 6,000K kits if you don’t want to stand out in the crowd.

Delaware was the first state to ratify the U.S. Constitution. Although the weather is pretty much the same throughout the state (100 miles from the Northern to the Southern boarder), it can still be subject to tropical storms and hurricanes from the Atlantic side of the State. Although Delaware is one of the smallest US states, it still had over 85 fatal traffic accidents last year. It is our opinion that HID lights can help these driving conditions by improving vision at long distances, helping you adjust for your surroundings and react more quickly to upcoming hazards.

Here is the verbiage, directly from the Delaware vehicle code, talking about the Delaware HID law:


§ 4333. Head lamps on motor vehicles.

(a) Every motor vehicle, trailer, semitrailer and pole motor-driven cycle shall be equipped with at least 2 head lamps with at least 1 on each side of the front of the motor vehicle, which head lamps shall comply with the requirements and limitations set forth in this chapter.

(b) Every motorcycle and every motor-driven cycle shall be equipped with at least 1 and not more than 2 head lamps which shall comply with the requirements and limitations of this chapter.

(c) Every head lamp upon every motor vehicle, including every motorcycle and motor-driven cycle, shall be located at a height measured from the center of the head lamp of not more than 54 inches nor less than 24 inches, to be measured as set forth in § 4332(b) of this title.

36 Del. Laws, c. 10, §§ 128, 130; Code 1935, §§ 5666, 5668; 21 Del. C. 1953, § 4333; 50 Del. Laws, c. 292, § 1; 51 Del. Laws, c. 235.;

(b) Fog lamps. — Any motor vehicle may be equipped with not to exceed 2 fog lamps mounted on the front at a height not less than 12 inches nor more than 30 inches above the level surface upon which the vehicle stands and so aimed that when the vehicle is not loaded none of the high intensity portion of the light to the left of the center of the vehicle shall at a distance of 25 feet ahead project higher than a level of 4 inches below the level of the center of the lamp from which it comes. Lighted fog lamps meeting the above requirements may be used with lower head lamp beams as specified in § 4349 of this title.

(a) Any lighted lamp or illuminating device upon a motor vehicle other than head lamps, spot lamps, auxiliary lamps, flashing turn signals, emergency vehicle warning lamps and school bus warning lamps, which projects a beam of light of an intensity greater than 300 candlepower, shall be so directed that no part of the high intensity portion of the beam will strike the level of the roadway on which the vehicle stands at a distance of more than 75 feet from the vehicle.

(b) No person shall drive or move any vehicle or equipment upon any highway with any lamp or device thereon displaying a red light visible from directly in front of the center thereof. ”


Delaware DMV

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