2010 Camaro SS HID Install Instructions

How-To: Install BFxenon Bi-Xenon HID lights

When installing BFxenon HID lights, for your safety, please remember to remove the battery terminal/ negative lead to the battery before connecting any high voltage parts.

Step 1: Remove factory lights from the factory housing

Step 2: Install HID bulb or Locking clip (on some applications) by lining up the channel locks, pushing it into the housing, and twisting.

Step 3: Run the wiring harness to both sides for measuring purpose

Step 4: Connect the female terminals on the harness to the ballast
Step 5: Connect the small trigger wire from the harness to the bulb and the positive and negative lead off the ballast to the bulb (see step 4 for picture)

Step 6: Connect the OEM female headlight connector to the OEM style connector on the harness

Step 7: Attach the ground wire and positive battery lead, re-attach the positive battery connection and turn everything on. This is just to ensure everything lights up properly before you secure the ballasts and wires.
Step 8: Secure the HID ballast within the range of the wiring harness. Some recommended location are; firewall, cold air intake housing (if metal), radiator mounting brace, front bumper brace, etc. (Some of these may not be the best option for every vehicle)

Step 9: Secure all the loose wiring away from any moving parts and out of the way of extreme heat.

Step 10: Enjoy your BFxenon HID headlights!

Check your wiring:

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